Journal section "Economic theory"

Historical examples of various methods for recovery from crisis

Makarov V.L.

1 (13), 2011

Makarov V.L. Historical examples of various methods for recovery from crisis. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2011, no. 1 (13)

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The following text (with some abridgements) is the first chapter of the book by Makarov V.L. Social clusterizm. Russia’s challenge. – M.: Business Atlas, 2010. – 272 p. In the introduction to the book, the author points out the following: In this book the reader will find a set of proposals and arguments about society and economy without devastating crises. People do not like crises, they want them to come to an end, and even better that there would be no crises at all. But on the other hand, crises purify, they mobilize to super efforts. It is after crisis when the world updates. Then is it necessary to strive for a society without crises? I’m trying to convince the reader that it is necessary... We give strong arguments in favor of the fact that it is Russia that can show an example of building such a society to the rest of the humanity (p. 10)... The basic idea of the book is looking for and hopefully finding in relation to modern society the right balance between rigidity and flexibility, which ensures stability of the system (p. 11)

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