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On the problems of Russia’s way out of the economic crisis

Ivanter V.V.

1 (13), 2011

Ivanter V.V. On the problems of Russia’s way out of the economic crisis. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2011, no. 1 (13)

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In the previous issue of our journal there was published an article by Jacques Sapir, the director of the Center of economic development models research of the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (Paris, France), with which he spoke at the permanent Russian-French Seminar on Monetary and Financial Problems of the Russian economy, held in Vologda in April 2010. The next meeting of the seminar held in June 2010 in Paris. The French part of the seminar participants, as before, was led by Jacques Sapir. The Russian team members worked under the guidance of Academician V.V. Ivanter, the Director of the Institute of Economic Forecasting of RAS. The abridged transcript of V.V. Ivanter’s speech at the opening and closing sessions of the seminar is published below. Are more low published, with V.V.Ivanters consent, with small reductions of the shorthand report of its performances at opening of a seminar and at final session

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