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The Problems of the Local Government Authorities Realization

Valentey S., Habrieva T.Y.

2 (2), 2008

Valentey S., Habrieva T.Y. The Problems of the Local Government Authorities Realization. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2008, no. 2 (2)

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In the previous issue of the magazine a part of the report “Problems and prospect of municipal reform in the Russian Federation” was published. The report was prepared under the guidance of Doctor of Economics S.D. Valentey and Doctor of Law T.Ya. Khabrieva by a group of authors: Candidate of Economics E.I. Aleksandrova, Doctor of Law, Professor L.V. Andrichenko, Doctor of Economics, Professor E.M. Buchwald, Doctor of Law, Professor V.I. Vasilyev, Candidate of Law V.I. Lafitskiy, Doctor of Economics, Professor L.N. Lykova, Candidate of Economics A.V. Odintsova. One of the first attempts to analyze the results of the municipal reforms initial stage in the science of our country was made in the report. The mechanisms of its effectiveness increase are proposed. The necessity of a broader conceptual ground of the reform is argued. One more part of the report is p published hereunder by the authors’ consent


authorities of the local government, its structure, financial, leg al and informational welfare