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Megaprojecting as a tool of strategical and territorial management

Mitrofanova I., Zhukov A.

3 (21), 2012

Mitrofanova I., Zhukov A. Megaprojecting as a tool of strategical and territorial management. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2012, no. 3 (21)

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Modern territorial strategic management needs upgraded tools. Today megaprojects are the actual but ambiguous strategical management tools of territorial development along with the federal target-oriented programs. There are both positive and negative examples of territorial megaprojecting in history. The article divulges the reasons for the development of territorial megaprojects; it describes their distinctive features and risks. The conditions for the effective practical application of territorial megaprojects in the sphere of strategic territorial management are substantiated in the article


strategy, development, macroregion, target-oriented approach, megaproject, risk

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