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Measuring the dynamics of agglomerative processes in the regional economy

Grinchel’ B.M., Antonova A.A.

5 (23), 2012

Grinchel’ B.M., Antonova A.A. Measuring the dynamics of agglomerative processes in the regional economy. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2012, no. 5 (23)

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The article deals with an approach to studying agglomerations’ socio-economic characteristics on the basis of criterial indicators system. The regional agglomerative process has been measured by calculating numerical scores and generalized estimates according to 16 indicators that correspond to the criteria of agglomerative development. The calculations are based on the statistical data of the Federal State Statistics Service. Calculated estimates allow to measure the dynamics of regional agglomerative process, fix recession and growth periods, understand the specifics of this process in every region and manage it. It becomes possible to obtain information not only about quantitative but qualitative changes in the regional agglomerative process: one can see the areas of region’s lagging or leading, and use this information in developing regional policy, strategic planning and management


region, regional development, agglomeration, regional agglomerative process

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