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Priorities of long-term socio-economic development

Nekipelov A.D., Ivanter V.V., Glazyev S.Y.

6 (30), 2013

Nekipelov A.D., Ivanter V.V., Glazyev S.Y. Priorities of long-term socio-economic development. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2013, no. 6 (30), pp. 14-25

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On December 9, 2013 the report “Russia on the way to the modern, dynamic and efficient economy”, prepared by the group of authors under the editorship of Academicians A.D. Nekipelov, V.V. Ivanter, S.Yu. Glazyev, was published on the website of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The report has been prepared on instructions from the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin; the Academicians were to develop a set of measures to ensure sustainable development of Russia under the conditions of global instability. The report includes four sections: 1) General conditions of socio-economic development; 2) Priorities of long-term socio-economic development; 3) Improvement of institutions; 4) Socio-economic policy. The text of the report is provided with six appendices . The Editorial Board decided to publish the second section of the report in the Journal for the readers’ consideration

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