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Development of Growth Poles in the Russian Federation: Direct and Reverse Effects [6, 2019]

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Development of health economics for improving the quality of life [5, 2012]

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Development of marriage and family relationships in the northern regions of Russia [4, 2014]

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Development of Methodological Approaches to Assessing the Effectiveness of Import Substitution in Russia [4, 2019]

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Development of national citation index as a condition for the formation of a system to evaluate scientific research performance [1, 2015]

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Development of Russia’s agriculture as a factor promoting the solution of the world food problem [6, 2012]

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Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Regions of Russia: Cluster Analysis Taking into Account the Economic Development of the Territory [4, 2023]

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Development of small business in regions of the North-West federal district of the Russian Federation [3, 2010]

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Development of Social Innovations in Russia in Terms of Activities and Interaction of Government Bodies, Business Structures, and Civil Society [5, 2020]

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Development of State and Small-Business Partnership in a Region’s Innovation Sector [6, 2016]

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Development of the economic space of Russia’s regions on the basis of cluster principles Aleksandr [3, 2012]

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Development of the Government Procurement Institution (Toward the Formation of a New Model for the Contract Procurement System) [5, 2017]

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Development of the Information Society in the Russian Federation: Problems and Prospects [2, 2022]

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Development of the Institution of Local Self-Government in Russia: Problems and Prospects [5, 2022]

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Development of the theoretical platform as a system foundation for industrial policy in the context of new industrialization [2, 2014]

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Development of timber processing complex in Karelia Republic: tendencies and perspectives [3, 2008]

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Development of tourism in the Arkhangelsk area [1, 2009]

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Development of trade relations and economic cooperation between Belarus and Russia – an important component of successful functioning of the Union State [6, 2012]

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Development Opportunities of Liner Maritime Passenger Traffic in the Republic of Croatia [5, 2018]

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Development Scenarios for Russia’s Dairy Industry [6, 2018]

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Differentiated organizational and economic mechanisms of industrial-innovation development of the regions of Kazakhstan [1, 2015]

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Digital Civic Participation in the Context of Modern Research [3, 2022]

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Digitalization and the Development of a “Smart” Society: The Logic and Practice of Management [4, 2023]

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Digitalization of Small and Medium-Sized Cities in the European North of Russia: Trends and Prospects [6, 2022]

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Distance learning for gifted schoolchildren: problems and prospects [4, 2013]

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Diversification way of oil-and-gas producing region [1, 2011]

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Domestic Tourism Development in a Region [2, 2017]

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Drivers of Concentration of Economic Activity in Russia’s Regions [2, 2016]

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