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Formation of regional budget in crisis

Povarova A.I.

2 (10), 2010

Povarova A.I. Formation of regional budget in crisis. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2010, no. 2 (10)

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As is known, in December 2009 Legislative Assembly enacted a law «On Regional Budget for 2010». The budget is formed by the conservative scenario, based on projected economic growth of 2.5%. The analysis of the main financial area of the law, conducted by ITSED RAS, showed that the current year will be a serious test of the regional budget system. The budget deficit of the Vologda region is the highest among the donors regions. It is 28%. Nevertheless, despite the tense situation, the reserves increase revenue and reduce costs in the area are available


regional budget, revenues, expenditures, budget deficits, public debt, fiscal policy

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