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Reviewer’s memo

Dear colleague!

By making a review of a manuscript submitted to the journal «Economic and social changes: facts, trends, forecast», you confirm that, in your opinion, the manuscript deserves (deserves in case of substantial revising or does not deserve) to be published.

As a rule, the article should contain the following aspects: goal; method and methodology; results; scope of application of its results; conclusions. Conclusions can be accompanied by recommendations, suggestions, hypotheses arising from the content of the article. The list of references should be representative, it should demonstrate professional outlook and quality level of research of the authors.

In accordance with the adopted form, the review consists of 4 parts: the explanatory text, the table with the manuscript evaluation criteria, the reviewer’s resolution, and the information about the reviewer.

Please note that the review shall be certified at the place of work of the reviewer, and the review period is not more than 10 working days from the date of receipt of the manuscript by the reviewer. In some cases at your request this period can be extended, but not more than by 5 working days.

The volume of the review can be 2–4 typewritten pages. We hope that regardless of the volume it will contain all the necessary and objective information.

Please note that in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation it is mandatory for the editorial staff to submit the reviews of manuscripts to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in case the relevant request is obtained; the editorial staff also sends the reviews to the authors of the articles.

Peer review is confidential. The manuscript is sent to you without identifying the author. In turn, the review is sent to the author without stating the name of the reviewer. Derogations from confidentiality are permitted, if the reviewer considers it necessary to express specific proposals about improving the article to the author in person.

In case the published article that you reviewed receives certain notes or comments afterwards, then, at your request, you will be notified of it.

The original version of the review is sent by post to the address:

Editorial office of the journal «Economic and social changes: facts, trends, forecast». ISEDT RAS, 56A, Gorky Street, 160014, Vologda, Russian Federation. A copy is sent via fax (8172) 59-78-02 or e-mail: common@vscc.ac.ru

The editorial staff will be grateful, if you could send your comments and suggestions regarding the organization of the work of our journal to the following e-mail: common@vscc.ac.ru

The editorial staff sincerely thank you for your cooperation.