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Child population in Russia: main problems of development

Rimashevskaya N.M.

1 (13), 2011

Rimashevskaya N.M. Child population in Russia: main problems of development. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2011, no. 1 (13)

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The article presents a comprehensive analysis of the problems of childhood in modern Russia, the relevance of which determine the severity of the socio-economic transformations of a society in which this part of the population is most vulnerable. At the same time investments in children’s development – an investment in future human capital of the country. The results of this study allowed the author to highlight three laps problems associated with “the field of childhood”. First round – problems related to the scope, size and structure of children. The second set of problems related to analysis of conditions and institutions of formation of childhood. The third set of problems of the younger generation in Russia – is an unprecedented deterioration in health. Thus, the main objective of social policy is to improve the quality potential of children in the context of reducing their numbers. In the first place in this context is the task of improving health, from birth, followed by education and socialization throughout their internal relationship as a foundation for the development of system programs of public policy with regard to childhood


children’s demographic crisis, the conditions and institutions of formation of childhood, reducing the number of children, the deterioration of child health

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