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Electronic education and innovative economy development in Russia

Medvedeva E.I., Kroshilin S.V.

4 (16), 2011

Medvedeva E.I., Kroshilin S.V. Electronic education and innovative economy development in Russia. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2011, no. 4 (16)

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Demand for education for human potential development in the innovation economy, demographic problems of Russian society and reforming the education system force to think about the development and introduction of new forms of learning. One of them is E-Learning. The concept of e-learning meets the new paradigm of “education through life”, and also it is the most effective tool for the development of information society and innovation-based economy


human potential, innovation economy, education, e-education, education system, distance education, e-learning system, knowledge economy, information society

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