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Regional System of Economic and Social Factors in the Formation of Innovation Development Resources

Donichev O.A., Fraimovich D.Y., Grachev S.A.

Volume 11, Issue 3, 2018

Donichev O.A., Fraimovich D.Yu., Grachev S.A. Regional system of economic and social factors in the formation of innovation development resources. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2018, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 84–99. DOI: 10.15838/esc.2018.3.57.6

DOI: 10.15838/esc.2018.3.57.6

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Accelerated reorientation of the Russian economy on innovation development and the implementation of new industrialization and import substitution tasks are major strategic problems for Russia; finding the solutions to these problems will make it possible to overcome the lag in socio-economic development and eliminate the consequences of the economic crisis and sanctions of Western countries. Therefore, the goal of the study is to identify the key resource indicators that determine the level of use of innovation potential of territorial systems and to build on this basis our own approach in order to analyze and adjust modernization development in regions. Research methods are based on the use of economic and mathematical methods, factor and correlation analysis. We identify factors that have the greatest impact on innovation indicators. We assess the degree of their impact on innovation development. The list of factors we have identified is used to assess the degree of differentiation of regions within the Central Federal District according to the level of resource provision of innovations. The original data for the analysis are normalized, which eliminates the problem of different units of measurement. On the basis of the results obtained, the regions of the Central Federal District are ranked by the groups of key factors influencing the innovation indicators. Using the scatterplots constructed, we identify leader territories and the regions in which the resource provision of high-tech development is at an insufficient level. The technique we propose to use on the updated basis provides an opportunity to assess the efforts of regional administrations to address the problems of economic modernization and import substitution. The assessments show that the resource provision of innovation developments requires state support and regulation, and at the federal level, too. The algorithm we propose has significant scientific prospects from the standpoint of expanding the structure of factors influencing the formation of conditions for the knowledge economy in constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The tools we have developed and the factor models we have highlighted can be used by regional authorities for diagnostics, forecasting and development of promising programs to attract investments that promote innovation development of territories


region, innovation development, resource provision, analysis of factors

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