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Regional budget of 2012 – 2014: stability is delayed

Povarova A.I.

3 (21), 2012

Povarova A.I. Regional budget of 2012 – 2014: stability is delayed. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2012, no. 3 (21)

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The article presents the new results of ongoing research carried out in ISEDT RAS on regional budgeting of the Vologda Oblast in the medium term. Judging by the main budget parameters, the situation in the budget sphere will become aggravated in foreseeable future. According to forecasts, the deterioration of financial conditions of metal manufacture, the basic industry in the region, will not allow the regional budget to restore its pre-crisis level of revenues in 2012. They will be below the level of 2011. The reduction of federal financial support creates additional dangers for the regional budget burdened with debts. The public debt of the Vologda Oblast, which has reached a critical level, increases the risk of providing the investment with financial resources, which are necessary to modernize the regional economy. However, despite this dramatic situation, there are the reserves to ensure social security in the region


regional budget, revenues, expenditures, public debt, deficit, reserves for increase in revenue potential

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