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Socio-economic transformation of Russian society

Perova M.B., Perov E.V.

4 (22), 2012

Perova M.B., Perov E.V. Socio-economic transformation of Russian society. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2012, no. 4 (22)

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There are radical changes in Russia, which cover all the aspects of public life. They cause problems in the society and provoke conflicts in various spheres of public life. The key moment that raises tension in the society is a population living standard. In the political system there is a transformation of property institution, public living conditions and socio-political structure of the society. These changes have entailed the evolution of population mentality. The analysis and management of transformation process in all the systems allows to reduce social tension


transformation, living standard, socio-political system, population mentality

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