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The problems of financing of higher education in modern Russia

Avetisian I.A.

1 (25), 2013

Avetisian I.A. The problems of financing of higher education in modern Russia. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2013, no. 1 (25)

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The article deals with the financing of higher education in the current conditions on the materials of state universities in the Russian Federation. The author proves that education in general, including higher education, can not be considered as a commercial service sector and universities as commercial organizations. He believes that it is a sphere of intellectual and spiritual activities that creates public goods, which must be provided by the state on a par with other public goods (ensuring the state and social security, social security of the population, environmental security, etc.). This article presents the problems in the improvement of education expenditure planning and financing according to the objectives of modernizing the country at the new stage of its development


higher education in russia, financing, commercialization of universities, organization of student admitting and training, academic teaching staff salaries

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