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Three suggestions for the improvement of demographic and family policy

Rimashevskaya N.M.

6 (30), 2013

Rimashevskaya N.M. Three suggestions for the improvement of demographic and family policy. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2013, no. 6 (30), pp. 112-117

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The article states the reasons for the low level of birth rate in Russia. It shows that the reduction in the intensity of births is caused by changes in the demographic behavior resulting from the sexual revolution, the significant differentiation of the population by income levels – poverty and low welfare of families with children, the decline in reproductive health and reproductive potential. Meanwhile, mortality rate in Russia is comparable with that in the developing countries; the difference between life expectancy in women and men is 12 years, but women suffer from various diseases more often, and this fact significantly increases the risk of disability by the end of employment. It is therefore proposed to improve the practice of maternity/ family capital, to introduce a system of wholesome nutrition for pregnant women, preserve the retirement age for women


children’s health, demographic policy, maternity capital, retirement age

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