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Singular technology – the research area promoting sustainable noosphere d evelopment in Belarus, Russia and other CIS nations

Nikitenko P.G., Il’yanok A.M.

2 (32), 2014

Nikitenko P.G., Il’yanok A.M. Singular technology – the research area promoting sustainable noosphere d evelopment in Belarus, Russia and other CIS nations. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2014, no. 2 (32), pp. 134-147. DOI: 10.15838/esc/2014.2.32.13

DOI: 10.15838/esc/2014.2.32.13

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The article is devoted to nano- and femtotechnology as the basis for sustainable noosphere development of the global socio-economic mega system “nature–man–society” in its relation with the Universe (cosmos) in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and other CIS nations. Such factors as the formation of a new (noospheric) political and economic outlook and the changes in scientific and technological structure of economy are gaining paramount importance under the action of the law of time and the adequate need to change the logic of socio-economic behavior of the population of planet Earth. Singular technology can become a strategic priority in finding practical solutions to these issues. When creating new productive forces and relations of production, these technologies act as a synergetic and bifurcation (unpredictable) interaction of the three system technologies: artificial intelligence, molecular nanotechnology and molecular biotechnology. As soon as man grasps the essence of singular technology, it will be possible to create a new structure of matter at the nano- and femtotechnology levels, and to exercise control over this process. The new structure of matter is the basis for the creation of new productive forces and relations of production in the noosphere economy. Technological singularity originated in the mapping of the human genome, creation of a self-replicating organism, and a self-replicating machine. The nearest strategic objective (2020–2030s) of singular technology is to create an artificial brain – a “digital man” on the basis of nano-and femtotechnology. This research area and practice will open the way to new forms of energy, productive forces, industrial relations and socio-economic noosphere systems in general. The wide application of singular technology in the economy will contribute to the conservation and civilizational development of the planetary megasystem “cosmos–nature–man–society”


productive forces, taxes, law of the time, sustainable noosphere innovation development, noosphere economy, megasystem “cosmos–nature–man–society”, socio-economic system, relations of production, mind, consciousness, singular technology, nano- and femtotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, computer science, genetics, genetic engineering, stem cells, unresponsiveness to innovation, innovation economic efficiency, power corruption, currency corruption, offshore capital, levies

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