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Investment and trade attractiveness as the factors in economic development of the regions

Grigor’ev D.A., Suslova Y.Y.

6 (36), 2014

Grigor’ev D.A., Suslova Y.Y. Investment and trade attractiveness as the factors in economic development of the regions. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2014, no. 6 (36), pp. 47-53. DOI: 10.15838/esc/2014.6.36.4

DOI: 10.15838/esc/2014.6.36.4

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The article discusses performance indicators of trade and investment attractiveness of the regions that comprise the Siberian Federal District; it also considers the consequences of the 2008 global financial crisis and the emerging trends of economic development. Investment attractiveness of the territory is defined by a set of its socio-economic development indicators. The level of investment attractiveness is the most important condition for investment activities and it promotes the quality of life. The authors identify a number of factors that determine the level of infrastructure development and the formation of favorable business climate in the business environment. The article provides a detailed analysis of the growth rates and the volume of investment in fixed capital, which are the main evaluation indicators of investment attractiveness. The attraction of investment contributes to the development of trade relations, services and social sphere. The analysis of trade attractiveness makes it possible to rank the regions of the Siberian Federal District according to the indices of trade attractiveness, which will enable to use available resources most efficiently under the conditions of tough competition and to consider projects that enhance the attractiveness of business entities


competition, business climate, investment attractiveness, outflow of capital, trade attractiveness, national factors, business environment

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