Journal section "Regional economics"


Valentey S., Habrieva T.Y.

1 (1), 2008

Valentey S., Habrieva T.Y. PROBLEMS OF LOCAL BUDGETING AND MUNICIPAL PROPERTY. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2008, no. 1 (1)

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In the beginning of current year it is published the report «Problems and prospects of municipal reform in Russian Federation», prepared under direction of D. in Economics S.Valentey and D. in law T. Habrieva D. by collective of authors: Ph.D. in Economics E. Aleksandrova, D in law, prof. L.Andrichenoko, D. in Economics, prof. E. Buchval’d, D. in law, prof. V. Vasil’iev, Ph.D. in law V. Lafitskiy, D. in Economics, prof. L. Lykova, Ph.D. in Economics A. Odintsova. It’s made one of the first attempts in domestic science to carry out the system analysis of results of the initial stage of municipal reform in the report. Mechanisms of increase of its productivity are offered. It’s proved the necessity of wider conceptual substantiation of the reform