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Problems and prospects of social sphere financing in Russia

Styrov M.M.

№5 (29), 2013,  rubric "Young researchers".

Styrov, M.M. Problems and prospects of social sphere financing in Russia [Text] / M.M. Styrov // Economic and social changes: facts, trends, forecast. – 2013. – № 5.

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The article contains an overview of such main trends in the financial support of Russia’s social sphere, as growth in funding, priority increase of pension provision, maintenance of the priority role of centralized sources and evening-out the inter-regional inequalities. The article presents a scenario forecast of the social systems funding up to 2020, according to which the solutions of the main tasks of the coming years, which include adaptation to demographic changes and the elimination of disproportions in remuneration, will require joint efforts of the government, business, citizens and employees


budget; health care; culture; education; region; the north; social protection; social security; social expenditure; finance.

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