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Digitalization and the Development of a “Smart” Society: The Logic and Practice of Management [4, 2023]

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Digitalization of Small and Medium-Sized Cities in the European North of Russia: Trends and Prospects [6, 2022]

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Distance learning for gifted schoolchildren: problems and prospects [4, 2013]

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Diversification and small business as the factor of economic development [3, 2009]

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Diversification way of oil-and-gas producing region [1, 2011]

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Domestic Tourism Development in a Region [2, 2017]

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Drivers of Concentration of Economic Activity in Russia’s Regions [2, 2016]

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Drivers of Entrepreneurship Development in Russia’s Regions: Assessment and the Role of Spatial Interrelations [5, 2022]

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Dobrokhleb V.G.

Dynamics of investment in fixed capital in the economy of the Northern regions [1, 2015]

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Dynamics of Mortality in Russia in the Context of the Epidemiologic Transition Concept [4, 2015]

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Dynamics of Reading Habits of Modern Russian Students: A Sociological Analysis [1, 2022]

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Dynamics of Socio-Cultural Indicators of Labor Competitiveness of the Population of a Large Siberian Region (2010–2016) [1, 2018]

Nemirovskii V.G.


Lazhentsev V.N.

Dynamics of the RF Presidents' activities approval by the region's population [4, 2012]

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Eco-economic evaluation of emission treatment technologies efficiency at thermal power stations [5, 2013]

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Ecological business as the major direction of the regional development’s ecologization [1, 2010]

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Ecological and economic relations development in the innovation economy [4, 2009]

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Ecological Capital Operation Mode and Path of Poyang Lake Eco-Economic Zone [1, 2018]

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Ecological Compensation Mechanism in Water Conservation Area: A Case Study of Dongjiang River [3, 2015]

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Ecological protection in underdeveloped areas of China (the case study of Hubei Province) [5, 2012]

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Ecological protection of underdeveloped regions in China: a case study of Jiangxi Province [4, 2013]

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Econometric Assessment of Social Indicators’ Influence on the Regional Economic Growth Dynamics (Case Study of the Subjects of the Volga Federal District) [2, 2020]

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Economic Activity in Russian Regions [1, 2018]

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Economic and qualimetric assessment of pine and spruce species in the Vologda Oblast [3, 2012]

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Economic and social changes in Russia’s coal industry during the crisis [2, 2010]

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Economic behavior: analysis and prospects [1, 2014]

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Economic consciousness and behavior: state and trends (1990–2012) [4, 2014]

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Economic efficiency of innovation production of removable building structures [2, 2010]

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