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“Knowledge Workers” and Modernization in the Region [3, 2016]

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“Live and Learn”: Conceptual Discourse on People’s Financial Literacy [6, 2018]

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“Place Identity” as a Criterion for Supporting Network Communications: Theoretical Analysis and Empirical Estimation [6, 2017]

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“Russian Federation – a Welfare State?” Assessing the Results of 25 years of Implementation of Article 7 of the Russian Constitution [6, 2018]

Ilyin V.A. Morev M.V.

“Smart” Benchmarking as a Basis for Strategic Planning in Regional Development [3, 2018]

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«Postindustrial» illusions or systemic «neoidustrialization»: modern Russia choice [2, 2009]

Naymushin V.

5th Tyumen International Sociological Forum and 13th All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference on the Program “Socio-Cultural Evolution in Russia and Its Regions” [5, 2017]

Andrianova E.V. Davydenko V.A. Romashkina G.F.

7th Research-to-Practice Conference [6, 2015]

A Comparison of Innovation Strategies of Regional Development Agencies in Turkey [3, 2022]

Özen B.S. Baycan T.

A Concept for Program Solution to the Issues of Formation and Development of Territorial-Economic Systems [5, 2017]

Lazhentsev V.N.

A Difficult Road after the Rubicon [3, 2022]

Ilyin V.A. Morev M.V.

A Forecasting Assessment of the Affordability of a Balanced Diet for Residents of Russian Regions: An Agent-Based Approach [6, 2021]

Mashkova A.L. Dukhi N. Nevolin I.V. Savina O.A.

A New Liberal Class in Japan: Based on Latent Class Analysis [5, 2019]

Hashimoto T. Kanazawa Y. Tominaga K.

A new stage of Russ ian history: trends, specifics and prospects [2, 2015]

Ilyin V.A. Morev M.V.

A Review of the Report: Demographic Situation and Demographic Behavior of the Population of the Vologda Oblast: 1st Regional Demographic Report [2, 2021]

Motrich E.L.

A Russian Man in the Hinterland or Regional Sociology [4, 2020]

Guzhavina T.A.

A Short History of Japanese Sociology: Its Historical Legacies and Future Dreams [5, 2019]

Nomiya D.

A Study on the International Tourism of Jiangxi Province under the Guidance of One Belt, One Road Strategy [3, 2016]

Guo X.

A System for Classification of Technologies in the Field of Artificial Intelligence for Personnel Forecasting [3, 2022]

Gurtov V.A. Averyanov A.O. Korzun D.Z. Smirnov N.V.


Shabunova A.A. Shakhotko L.P. MALANICHEVA N. Bobrova A.G.

About middle class theory: history and modern times [1, 2014]

Kovrigin B.V. Sinitsyna T.I.

About the “learning organizations” and corporate education in the context of innovation [6, 2014]

Klyucharev G.A.

About the Prospects for Development of the Region on the Basis of Interregional Cooperation [3, 2016]

Uskova T.V. Lukin E.V.

About the Results of the 7th Research-to-Practice Conference “The Strategy and Tactics of Socio-Economic Reforms: the Regional Aspect” [1, 2016]

About the results of the All-Russian Research-to-Practice Conference “Society and Sociology in Modern Russia” [6, 2014]

Morev M.V.

About the Role of Input-Output Balance in Government Regulation of the Economy [3, 2017]

Lukin E.V.

About the Socio-Economic Development Prospects in the Vologda Oblast [1, 2017]

Kozhevnikov A.V.

About the System Fundamentals of Russia’s Economic Security [4, 2017]

Gubanov S.S.

Acceleration of urbanization process and alteration of underdeveloped status [5, 2012]

Ma X.

Acceleration Programs in the Ecosystem of Social Entrepreneurship Support [4, 2021]

Starshinova A.V. Chikova E.V.